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Crystalline Silica Dust Supression System for Air Tools
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Crystalline Silica Dust Supression System for Air Tools

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An economical and effective accessory kit to help you meet the OSHA Crystalline Silica Dust standards.  This low cost accessory spray kit is easy to install on your rivet buster, chipping hammer, rock drill, jackhammer, or paving breaker.  When used in accordance with manufacturer and OSHA directed safety guidelines, this system will help you get compliant at a fraction of the cost of more expensive dust collection systems that can cost in excess of $1,000.  This product is MADE IN THE U.S.A.  This item typically ships in 1 - 2 business days.

This accessory kit includes:

- approximately 36" in total length, fits most rivet busters, paving breakers, chipping hammers, and rock drills.

-  patented nozzle housing block, protecting the nozzle from damage while providing a secure attachment to the tool (with included metal clamp).  This feature permits you to attach the nozzle in an appropriate location on the tool to provide a 80 degree cone water mist for maximum effectiveness at 40 PSI.    

- comes with 3 zip ties and 1 metal clamp to allow easy attachment to your tool.

- garden hose connector allows you to connect to any water source on the job site (set pressure at 40 PSI for best results).  Water flow adjustment on the connector to permit you to control the flow of water to your work area.                                         

Here's an example of the system attached to a rivet buster.  As you can see, the metal clamp securely holds the nozzle / block onto the cylinder of the tool which allows you to remove the retainer and change bits without disassembling the spray system.

 Here's a quick look at the Crystalline Silica Dust Suppression System in use on the job.

Looking for more information on the OSHA Crystalline Silica Dust Requirements, click here to see OSHA dust fact sheet, visit the OSHA site, plus click here to see Table 1 for more information to assist you in meeting these standards.  Notice: This information is not intended to be legal advice nor to guarantee your compliance with meeting the standards.  It is still your responsibility to ensure you are meeting the required standards to satisfy all regulatory requirements for your job site.