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Ingersoll Rand Chipping Hammer Round Shank Oval Collar - W1A2 - 1-inch stroke
Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand Chipping Hammer Round Shank Oval Collar - W1A2 - 1-inch stroke

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The Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Air Chipping Hammer model W1A2 (W Series) has the same tough specifications as the "A" series units, but with a heavy duty front end featuring a threaded barrel and rubber buffered retainer for increased steel and retainer life.  This heavy duty class tool is widely used throughout industry and construction work and is renowned for its valve life and handle durability. It is ideal for light demolition work, bridge decking, concrete surface preparation, metal removal, form stripping, and many other applications.  This series model has a 1" stroke, making it the shortest available length chipping hammer.  While the short stroke slightly reduces the power of each blow, you will get more blows per minute as a trade off.  The tools size and weight makes this option perfect if your job is in a tight space or you are working at or above your shoulders for extended periods of time.  This model comes with a round shank which allows your bit to rotate or turn in the tool while you are pressed against your work.  You will use bits that are designed for the round bushing and oval collar retainer in this style tool.  This allows your bit to move freely and accommodate the surface you are working on such as a curved surface or rock. We have a great selection of steel bit accessory points, chisels, bushing tools, and ground rod drivers here that fit this style (round shank / oval collar) chipping hammer.

If you need your bit to remain in the same exact position you place it in the tool please see IR Model W1A1 which has the same specifications except it has the hex shank allowing you to chip straight lines out on surfaces.

If your job doesn't require this heavy duty model, check out the durable IR Model 1A2SA (Industrial Duty) which has the same specifications (less the heavy duty front end) as this tool has a more economical price point.  


  • Swan neck handle

  • Outside trigger

  • Time tested valve durability

  • Replaceable piston

  • Long nozzle for extra life

Check out the Ingersoll Rand W1A2 Chipping Hammer Product Information here for more about his model including safe and effective set-up and operation of the tool.

Check out the Ingersoll Rand W1A2 Chipping Hammer Parts Cut Diagram here for a parts breakdown of repair / replacement parts for this model.

Proper maintenance of your tool is required to ensure maximum performance, extended life, and safe operation.  See the Maintenance Guide for the Ingersoll Rand "W" Series Chipping Hammer here for information on required lubrication, disassembly, and assembly instructions to keep your tool working in a safe and effective manner.

Product Info:

Model - W1A2

Air Inlet NPT in. - 3/8"

Bore Dia. - 1.13 in.

Round Shank Size - 0.68"

Retainer - Oval Collar

Min. Hose Size - 1/2"

Air Consumption @ Load CFM - 28

Retainer Type - Rubber Buffered

Length w/o Accessory - 15.88"

Stroke Length - 1"

Blows per Min. - 2500

Weight - 14.75 lbs

steel bit accessory tool for chipping hammer round shank oval collar Don't forget the steel bit accessories.  Click here to see our wide selection of points, chisels, bushing tools and ground rod drivers for your chipping hammer with a round shank / oval collar.


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