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TOOL PARTS PROS - Air Tools, Parts, and Accessories - FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $300 OR MORE!
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Air Hose King Safety Cables, often called whip checks, puts safety first in the workplace. If you are using airlines in your shop or on your worksite, these whip checks will promote a safer environment in your workplace.  When hose, couplings or clamps fail, or there is an accidental separation of the assembly, King Safety Cables minimize damage to equipment and injury to operators.  A positive safeguard for air hose connections – helping you meet today’s safety standards.

Important standards and features include:

-These must be installed in the extended position (No Slack)

-The Cable reaches across hose fittings to provide standby safety for the hose

-Spring-loaded loops in the cable ends open easily to pass over the couplings for a firm grip on the hose

-No tools are needed – These are easy to install and remove

-The cables are shipped with safety restraint labels attached

-These are highly resistant to rust and corrosion

-They provide a low cost answer to reducing injuries caused by broken air hose connections

-Hose-to-hose or hose-to-rigid outlet

-Maximum operating pressure is 200 PSI

Why should I use these safety cables, or whip checks, when using air power?

Answer. When a pressurized air hose becomes accidentally uncoupled, or a hose failure occurs, the quick exhaust of air causes the hose assembly to whip violently, creating a situation that can cause injury to workers as well as other equipment on your job.  For more information regarding how this low cost solution can promote safety at your job, please click here for the King Safety Cable Safety Brochure.